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What every Media Pro should know about IP

Media systems are rapidly migrating to use all-IP infrastructure to increase flexibility, for cost savings, and to support new workflows using cloud technology.

Media professionals who don't understand the basics of IP technology are in danger of being left behind by this powerful wave of innovation. This new new online course from allows anyone to get up to speed on the fundamental technologies that are used everywhere for video and audio production and delivery.

All four of the foundation layers of the IP protocol stack are covered, including:

- The physical layer, such as CAT5, fiber and WiFi

- The data link layer, or Ethernet

- The network layer, using IP protocol

- The transport layer, including TCP, UDP and RTP

By focusing on the key differences between traditional corporate networks and modern media networks, this course is tailored for anyone who needs to work with video and audio content. Each module has been carefully designed to cover a topic in depth, and includes a way for students to check their knowledge after completing each video. A certificate of accomplishment will be awarded to anyone who successfully completes the final course exam.

This new course is available now at a discounted price of $39. Click this link for more details:

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