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This one-day course provides a detailed look at the key technologies used to transmit video signals over IP networks to viewers, for contribution and distribution, and within production facilities.


The emphasis will be on explaining the underlying technologies and showing practical applications for them. Students will become familiar with a range of terminology and industry standards, and gain an understanding of how IP video technologies will impact their current and future plans for video networking and delivery.

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Designed for self-paced learning, this course is delivered in six easy-to-comprehend modules. Weekly, live instructor coaching sessions are provided to help students master new concepts.

This course covers the key principles of IP video and audio transport intended for modern production and broadcasting facilities. After completing this course, you will have a solid grasp of the major elements of IP video technology, including content preparation, system architecture alternatives and network performance management.

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With over 70 hours of training materials covering a wide range of video and IP networking technologies, TPC is ready to meet virtually any of your specific training needs. Or, if you are interested in a topic that isn’t listed, let us know and we can tap into our pools of experts and develop the relevant course materials.

Past clients include broadcasters from around the globe and a number of conference tutorials. Several clients host annual classes with their staff to keep abreast of the latest technologies.

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