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New RIST Spec Released by VSF

The Main profile spec for RIST has just been released by the VSF. This new profile adds encryption, source and destination authentication, and in-band data tunneling for working with firewalls and cloud providers. These features are critical for professional broadcasters who need a secure way to send professional-quality video across the public Internet without getting locked-in to a single technology provider. RIST technology has become even more important in the age of pandemic-related lockdowns.

This new spec, formally called TR-06-2, is totally open, so any organization is allowed to implement a solution. There are also open-source implementations available at github. A copy of the VSF press release is available here.

The photo above shows the live demo conducted between seven different vendors during VidTrans 2020, held at the end of February. The diagram that appears in the photo shows RIST links between continents that were live during VidTrans which have already been implemented between multiple high-profile industry vendors.

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