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Successful Live ST 2110 Demo at SMPTE NY Meeting - June 6

Thanks to everyone for the great turnout (120 people) to see the live demonstration of SMPTE ST 2110 Video/Audio/Data over IP system provided by Diversified.

Wes Simpson standing beside a multiviewer and two racks of equipment that comprise the ST 2110 demonstration provided by Diversified shown at the SMPTE New York meeting on June 6, 2019.
Wes Simpson at the ST 2110 Demo during the SMPTE NY Meeting, June 6, 2019

One again we were able to enjoy a wonderful, large meeting venue at AT&T, 33 Thomas Street in New York City. With over 120 people attending, this represents one of the largest meetings for the New York section in recent memory. Karl Paulsen, CTO of Diversified gave a 45-minute overview of ST 2110 technology and provided a detailed description of how the complete ST 2110 demo system was put together. John Bertoni, Global Account Manager (AT&T) of EMC/Dell Technologies gave a 45-minute presentation on Media Production in a Cloud Environment, showcasing some of the many applications where media companies have successfully used cloud technologies to improve workflows and deliver new, automated capabilities. After the presentations, there was a lengthy opportunity for audience members to see the equipment up close and ask questions from the assembled experts on hand, including Phil Bernal of Diversified.

This meeting was streamed live on the SMPTE NY YouTube Channel ( and a video recording of the presentation is also available here:

Wes Simpson produced this meeting and also provided catering.

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