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IP Showcase NAB 2019 - It's a Wrap

Another successful year filled with presentations at the IP Showcase Theater at NAB 2019. We had a big, open space with lots of room for presentations with large audiences. A total of 26.5 hours of presentations were captured live on video; many of these will be ready for download over the next few weeks on the VSF and AIMS websites.

One dominant theme of the presentations was the growing need for software tools to manage and control large-scale ST 2110 networks. Many speakers talked about the AMWA NMOS requirements, including the "Full-Stack" requirements from the Joint Taskforce on Networked Media as JT-NM Tech Stack Part 1 — JT-NM TR-1001-1. These requirements define a minimal set of capabilities that need to be implemented in devices to ensure compatibility and ease of use in large studio installations.

A few of my favorite presentations:

- Monitoring and Measuring IP Media Networks by Mike Waidson of Tektronix

- Case Study: ST 2110 UHD HDR buildout at QVC Japan by John Mailhot of Imagine and Jon Pannaman of Diversified

- Network Automation Using Python and Google Sheets by Ievgen Kostiukevych of the EBU

- Using PTP / SMPTE 2059: A Practical Experience Perspective by Greg Shay of Telos Alliance

and I had some pretty good crowds for my " SMPTE ST 2110 in 60 Minutes" presentation.

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