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Goodbye NAB 2016!

This year’s show in Las Vegas demonstrated a lot of progress in Ultra High Definition (UHD or 4K TV) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Before the show even started, a few alert attendees were able to snag tickets to the soon-to-be-opened DolbyVision Atmos Theater at the AMC 16 in Town Square. This showcase literally highlighted the big screen potential of HDR video, with two perfectly aligned laser projectors illuminating an 80-foot screen with unprecedented luminance levels and deeper colors than possible just a couple of years ago. The highlight (pun intended) of the viewing was an HDR showing of Dawn of Justice: Superman vs. Batman, where several scenes were so bright that this reporter had to close his eyes in order to get time for them to adjust.

On the show floor, alliances were all the rage, with competing groups promoting TR-03, Evertz ASPEN, Sony NMI, and AES 67 audio. Both Sony and and Evertz, previously proponents of their own, proprietary standards, announced that they were joining AIMS, the Alliance for IP Media solutions ( Interestingly, the AIMS bylaws state that "each Member agrees to publically endorse the AIMS Roadmap supported by the Alliance for IP Media Solutions as the preferred IP interoperability roadmap for the broadcast industry" While nobody is obliged to make any specific products, this certainly shows that there might be some movement within those companies to be more embracing of the TR-03 and AES 67 standards that are sweeping through the industry.

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